Whats With a Skirtini?

The correct definition of a skirtini is a mini skirt with attached suspenders. This may well have stemmed from fetish nite clubs where ladies wore skin tight latex dresses with 2 garters front and back to attach stockings, thus always ensuring a little flesh was shown between the top of stocking and mini skirt thus achieving a tarty trashy fashion look.

Over the years this fashion has crept into the lingerie market and we now see beautiful versions of the skirtini that are very, very sexy indeed. The trend now would appear to be towards either a skirtini has suspender straps or it does not. Without suspenders the skirtini is almost limitless as a fashion statement. It can be used as lingerie, as a mini skirt for clubbing and parties or even bikini beachwear over thong bikini bottoms. One rule just the bottom of the skirtini is always a skirt; some in mid-thigh length, while others can be shorter. If you feel unconfident about wearing skimpy swim suit bottoms or if you want to hide the top of your thighs, the skirtini is a natural choice.

For emphasis on the bust or pretty shoulders, wear a skirtini with a bikini-style top, and for an extra slimming look, a flat-front skirtini is the perfect choice. Just remember, it’s also about comfort and style even while having fun on waters.

Size or body shape does not matter skirtinis are available in plus sizes catering for more curvy ladies.

So you decide – erotic mini skirt or overgrown suspender belt. My personal view – it’s a sexy little flirty skirt.

What do you think?

Written by Mpitude

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