Top Beauty Influencers in India You Must Know and Follow

The list of influencers in 2022 has grown vertically and there are not just the generic social media or Instagram Influencers but also others who carved their own path. Two Years after the TikTok ban in India, the majority of influencers settled with an alternative and Instagram is still their preferred choice of platform to grow their network. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the top beauty influencers of India.

So, Who are Beauty Influencers?

Beauty Influencers are social media users with a high number of followers in terms of either Followers on their social media or Users/Traffic on their website/blogs. Known especially for content related to Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, etc, they use their social media platform or blog to create content and influence visitors. They also promote products through their Paid Partnership Programs with different companies. Beauty bloggers showcase products, give tips on makeup and skincare, and share useful information.

Top Beauty Influencers in India

The numbers are growing every day. While there are many beauty influencers in India on several social media platforms, Instagram is still considered to be at the top. With that being said, we have identified a few top beauty influencers in India based on several criteria such as the number of followers, Traffic, Ranking, Frequency of content, and type of content.

Nagma Mirajkar

Source: @nagmamirajkar

Instagram Followers: 6.6M

This Gurgaon-born Indian social star has 6.6m followers on Instagram and is a TikTok representative of India. Started her internet career in 2013 with her site “Oh My Gorg!” and never looked back. She is an inspiration to a lot of people in the world and has gained huge fame on social media

Kritika Khurana

Source: @thatbohogirl

Instagram Followers: 1.7M

Famously known as “That Boho Girl”, Kritika loves Bohemian style. A Fashion graduate from Delhi, she has earned a lot of attention through her one of the best content on makeup and beauty.

Aakriti Rana


Instagram Followers: 914K

This Delhi-based blogger/influencer’s blog got immense popularity and she did several brand promotions including for the jewelry brand, Ziveg.

Aashna Shroff

Source: @aashnashroff

Instagram Followers: 938K

YouTuber, Blogger, and a Social Media Celebrity, this Mumbai-born influencer started blogging at the age of 20 and has gained over 1.5 Lakh subscribers on her YouTube Channel.


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