The Best Design Forward Dog Beds And Dog Crates

A few months ago my husband and I accomplished something we thought was impossible. We trained our very stubborn dog to stop sleeping on our bed. It was not without frustration and about 100 dog treats, but we’ve officially declared our efforts a success. Our 60-pound American bulldog named Gus (who thinks he is human) has accepted that his own dog bed is where he ought to sleep. Such a valiant effort would not have been possible without a durable, comfortable dog bed so we began this sleep training journey with a practical bed we knew would meet our very spoiled dog’s comfort needs. Great. Perfect. Done. But now as I stare at his quite large bed taking up a lot of precious space, I am reminded that I’d much prefer a prettier, more design-forward dog bed. Knowing how much our pets can take over our hearts AND homes, I figured I am not alone. So since I am currently in the market, I figured I’d share some of the best, most stylish dog beds available right now. Let’s get into it.


design by sarah zachary | styling by emily bowser | photos by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a historic mid-century modern home that was completely brought back to life

Around here we are big on using floor pillows as dog beds because, well, floor pillows are home decor so they are often a bit more stylish. And I’ve never met a dog who doesn’t love to snuggle up on ANYTHING remotely comfy. That said, I made it my mission to find the best, most aesthetically pleasing dog beds that are also comfortable and long last lasting (and a couple of floor pillows that I’m confident dogs would love, too).

1. Essential Dog Bed: Why not give your pup the same amount of comfort you give yourself? We all know Tuft and Needle make great mattresses and now they have pretty dog beds that pets love. I love this review: After some initial reluctance to sleep on something new, our dog now spends most of her time on this bed. She loves it!
2. Upcycled Denim Stripe Dog Bed: The simple stripe design is chic yet understated. One reviewer commented: Very high-quality bed which goes perfectly with my decor and my dog absolutely loves.
3. Piazza Large Shale Tufted Dog Bed: The deep blue color is so pretty and the fabric is forgiving and easy to clean. This review sold it for me: I bought the Large Shale Tufted Bed a month ago and my dog has never been happier. He sleeps on it through the night and lounges on it throughout the day. He has very long hair that sheds often, so we love that the fabric can be easily vacuumed and/or fully removed to wash in the washing machine.
4. Square Tufted Reversible Floor Pillow: As I said above, we are always fans of swapping dog beds for floor pillows or cushions. This one comes in this mossy green, red, or dark blue and we love the tufted detail.
5. 2 Piece Sedona Pillow Set: Some superfans may remember that Emily has this floor pillow at the mountain house. It’s technically for humans but I think we dog owners know that any dog would take one look at this and think “my new bed”. Here’s what Em has to say about the comfort: Most floor pillows aren’t big enough to really lounge on and this one is HUGE with cushy down fill, and made of a really pretty grey linen. It’s so comfortable and cushy, not too firm or bouncy.
6. Sherpa Faux Fur 3-in-1 Pet Bed: This bed is INCREDIBLE. If you have trouble keeping your dog off furniture (same) then this is for you. The top cover and bolsters can be removed so you can drape it over a sofa and leave the bottom cushion on the floor. SO smart and innovative.
7. Dog Sofa: I am pretty blown away by this incredibly chic dog sofa bed design. The sleek design would go perfectly in any minimal Scandinavian home.
8. Orthopedic Calming Dog Bed: This donut shape bed offers extreme comfort and according to the seller is designed with orthopedic features to help provide support to your pet’s joints and muscles. The product photo pretty much sold it for me :).
9. Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed: I have been social-media-marketed this particular dog bed for years. As far as ‘design forward’ goes, this one definitely hits the mark. It essentially looks like a sherpa rug but is actually an orthopedic bed that any pet would love. The best part? The faux sherpa cover is removable AND machine washable.


design by lea johnson of creekwood hill | photography by sage e imagery | from: lea’s living room reveal: her pet and family-friendly open concept design agony solved

I am a recent dog crate convert. My parents inherited my brother’s dog who is crate-trained and it is such a luxury for them. My dog is about 8 years old and I WISH we had crate-trained him early on (maybe it’s not too late??). In any case, I know there are dog owners who could use some stylish crates (these things do take up a lot of precious real estate afterall) so I set out to find some of the best options available right now:

1. Abbeville Pet Crate: If you have a large dog this is a great option. It has ample room and many reviewers noted how impressed they were with the quality and durability.
2. Dog Crate End Table: This extremely well-designed dog crate has a side cabinet for added storage and the flat top allows it to act as an end table should you want that. I love the midcentury modern design and dark wood finish (but it should be noted that this comes in one size best suited for smaller dogs).
3. Corner Dog Crate Furniture: If aren’t working with a lot of space, this corner dog crate can help you save space and can act as an end table.
4. UniPaws Gray Wooden End Table Dog Crate: I love the muted gray color and modern design. Reviewers also note that it is simple to put together, great for large dogs, and very sturdy.
5. Modern Dog Crate: This one comes in various colors including black, white, clear, and pink, or you can request a custom color. I love that it has a sliding door which helps if you don’t have a lot of space.
6. Fable Crate: I love this modern crate that was designed to mimic a natural den and reduce anxiety. One reviewer commented: Obsessed with the fable crate! Worth every penny and great quality that will last a lifetime. I have a 22lbs mini labradoodle and I got the large crate size so she has some extra space which has been a great fit. The look of the crate is timeless and is a beautiful addition to any room.

I couldn’t leave you without sharing one photo of our good boy, Gus. As you can see, he is the king of comfort.

That is all for today and I hope this was helpful for anyone who needed it. For all you cat parents out there, you can expect a design-forward litterbox & cat accessory roundup coming to you soon. In the meantime, drop a line down below if you have any more design-forward dog beds and crates to add to the list. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Annie Segal and Marieke Ochtman of ASOM HOME | Styled by Velinda HellenEmily Bowser, and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Tour This Eclectic Midcentury Modern House Designed by ASOM Home + 10 Approachable Design Tricks Anyone Can Do

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