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It’s the same thing day in day out, you have a plan for your running program or a session in place and do it repeatedly thinking it will get you fit, or you get to the stage where it feels like a chore rather than enjoyable.

We all know that we have to challenge our bodies in order to progress ourselves both mentally and physically so as a new challenge the Team at T.O.D Coaching has put together the following sprint workouts in order to get you re motivated and put a bit of fun into your workouts. The sets all have three fitness levels so you don’t feel left out in any way.


You require two lines 10 meters apart, for example the base line to the touch line on a Rugby pitch is approximately 10 meters apart.

The session requires you to complete the set number of sprints in a minute or under see the table below for an example.


Beginner Sprint Reps 13 Sets 4 Time 60 seconds Rest 30

Intermediate Sprint Reps17 Sets 6 Time 60 seconds Rest 20

Advanced Sprint Reps 21 Sets 8 Time 60 seconds Rest 10

3 T’s

The Trauma Triangle

Although markers are required for this session a triangular flowerbed in a local park, running from the soccer pitch side line to the center spot and out the other side back to the start position constitutes a triangle, or quiet simply three little sticks will do.

Choose a point on the triangle this will be your start point,

On the first repetition complete the circuit as fast as possible this has to be a maximum best effort. Once completed record your time and add the run time to the set rest time as per the table below, this time then gives you a run rest time.

The faster you run the grid under the run rest time the longer the rest period e.g beginner- run rest time 90 seconds, they run it in 60 seconds they have 30 seconds rest before they go again.

Some coaches/ trainers will traditionally double your time to give you the required rest, this is great if you want to complete the set in the same time every circuit. As you progress through the levels distances can be increased and sets can be all out efforts for a set number of rounds.

Run Rest time example

Beginner completes the circuit in 50 seconds table rest time is 40 seconds this equals a total run rest time of 90 seconds.

The runner should complete the circuit in less than 90 seconds the faster they go the longer rest they get.

Beware of hitting the target time each time in this case 90 seconds as this will mean no rest and become an endurance set.


Beginner Sets 8 Run, Rest = Time + 40secs Markers (distance apart) 15

Intermediate Sets 10 Run,Rest, = Time + 30secs Markers (distance apart) 20

Advanced Sets 12 Run,Rest,=Time+20secs Markers (distance apart) 25

Alternatively the triangle could be run as follows with the recovery being the walk jog part of the set, however the more tired an individual gets the longer they take on the recovery phase.

For a beginner they walk the first side of the triangle, jog the second and third.


Beginner Sets 10 Tempo walk, jog ,jog Markers(distance apart) 15

Intermediate Sets 12 Tempo walk jog, sprint Markers (distance apart)20

Advanced Sets 14 Tempo jog, sprint, sprint Markers (distance apart)25

The Number Box

In this session again it requires an all effort on each rep. You will need to find an oblong shaped boxed area such as the 6 and 18 yards boxes on a football pitch or grab four twigs from a tree. The size of area can be increased or decreased at any point initially dependent on your fitness level start with the markers 10 meters apart if using cones or twigs etc.

Number the box as follows




The following table is a guide to how the box should be worked. Remember it is a sprint grid.


Beginner Totals 5,7,9,11,13,15,17 Rest 30secs

Intermediate Totals 12,14,16,18,20,22,24 Rest 20secs

Advanced Totals 17,19,21,23,27,29,31 Rest 10secs

The aim is to run the grid as fast as possible and using the numbered sides attain the totals set out as per your fitness level, rest is jogging on the spot at the point you achieved. It is entirely up to the individual how the box is run in order to achieve the totals set out.


5- Could be run as 5×1, 2+2+1, 3+2, 3+1+1.

12 could be run as 12×1, 6×2, 4×3, 5+3+2+2

The sets above are meant as a compliment to an existing program and as an alternative for the days that you can’t do a set for whatever reason. Use them to their fullest capabilities and you will see progressions and have fun completing them.

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