Massage for Babies- What Information Do You Need First?


Massage has various therapeutic benefits for infants. It improves
sleep quality, reduces stress, ensures healthy physical and mental development,
and sometimes even improves non-verbal communication. Done correctly;
massage for babies can greatly benefit
your little ones. Here is all the information that you need to know about
baby massage.


baby massage benefits are numerous
Discover Baby Massage Benefits now!

Baby Massage Benefits You Need to Know

Baby massage has various benefits for the kids as well as
the parents. Every time the parents touch the infant with a gentle stroke, the
child feels nurtured and loved. Massage
for babies
provides instant bonding with their parents. 

Here are some of
the primary benefits of oil massage for

Oil Massage Helps You Interact With The Baby

Every time you massage your infant with baby oil, you get to spend quality time with your munchkin. Enjoy the cooing and face-making while
you give gentle strokes of baby oil to your infant. Regular baby oil massage encourages feelings of
attachment, love, bonding, and trust between the child and the parents.


Regular Oil Massage Stimulates The Blood Circulation in Infants

Oil massage stimulates blood circulation and other body systems in
babies. It strengthens their digestive system, promotes hormonal balance,
improves the immune system, and regulates the circulatory system. It
supports the muscles and joints and ensures improved coordination and


Massage of baby tips
Massage of a baby is highly recommended!

Baby Oil Massage Provides Instant Relief and Relaxation

Infants often suffer from gastrointestinal issues. Research suggests
that regular oil massage can provide instant relief from tummy troubles such as
constipation, gas, and cramps; and relieves teething discomfort. Various
studies also suggest that infant massage can improve sleep patterns in babies. Baby oil massage releases ‘feel-good’
hormones. It thereby reduces stress hormones for babies and parents.

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Baby Oil Massage Facilitates Weight Gain

Various studies indicate that gentle massage and touch therapy can
promote weight gain in infants. Newborns who receive gentle massage sessions
have improved motor skills, better bone density, and increased weight. Regular massage for baby girl can reduce
bilirubin levels and lower the chances of jaundice.


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Infant Massage Tips

You can introduce baby massage
a few weeks after the baby is born. However, w
hen you introduce your baby to a massage routine, it may not respond well immediately. Make sure the baby is calm and alert when
you plan a massage session for the newborn. 

Use a blanket or towel. Test the oil on a small skin patch first to check for any reaction. Here are some tips to consider before you start a massage routine:


    Always massage in a warm, quiet place where
the baby can feel comfortable and cozy.

      Avoid massaging immediately after feeding or
when the baby is sleepy. 
Wait for at least 45 minutes after feeding before you get your child ready for an oil massage. 

      Make gentle but firm strokes. Start slow and
proceed gradually.

   Analyze the movements and check the mood of
the baby to know when to stop. Your baby may not feel the massage if they are
squirming, feeling sleepy, or crying.

     Include baby
oil massage
into the day-to-day routine of the baby. 
 If the baby cries or stiffens the area, move to another part or leave the session then and there. If the baby feels comfortable and responds well, continue the massage session covering all the body parts section by section.

      Try to connect with the baby during the
massage session. Hum a lullaby or sing a song to involve the infant. Speak
softly and smile to make massaging a fun activity for your munchkins.

      Consult a pediatrician before selecting a
massage oil for your baby.


Baby Massage Techniques

Baby oil massage can be therapeutic when your infant suffers
from a cough, cold, congestion, or respiratory infection. Chest massage can
improve lung health and refine breathing patterns. For effective chest massage,
place your hand on the chest and stroke outward towards the shoulders. Move
both hands up towards the shoulder starting from the sternum, then move down,
and put the hands back together.

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Massaging the arms can improve muscle coordination in kids. Hold your
baby’s wrist and gently stroke the arm from shoulder to wrist. Use both hands
and gently rotate in the opposite direction as you hold the arm. 

baby massage technique
Learn the right baby massage technique!

Use your thumb
to massage the palm towards the fingers. Move your fingers in a circular motion
to massage the wrist. Also, roll the arms between your hands. Make sure to use
a gentle touch.

For a gentle back massage, place your baby on the tummy with their
hands in front. Give gentle strokes with your hands starting from the neck to
the buttocks. Move your fingers in a circular motion to massage the shoulders.

A gentle leg massage not only promotes relaxation but releases muscle
tension as well. Gently tap and stroke down the legs from the thighs to the
foot. Use thumb-over-thumb motion to massage the sole from heel to toe. Use
circular strokes to massage around the ankle.

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Best Oils for Baby

A study suggests that the quality of oil used in massage for babies can influence their health and growth. Some of
the best oils in India for baby
massage include coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, and YL Seedlings. Avoid
using olive oil, sunflower oil, or undiluted essential oils on a baby’s skin.


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