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11 April, 2019
Buying Dresses for Honeymoon

Booked your tickets to Private Honeymoon Villa in Bali? Use this simple and easy Honeymoon Dresses ideas for a perfect and exotic honeymoon experience you and your partner will never forget. Buying honeymoon dresses in India sounds exciting?

Buying Dresses for Honeymoon Trip

Though you won’t much need for your trip and in case if you forget something you can easily explore local markets and get most of them. Sounds easy right? Not that much! Why spending extra money and killing your precious time in shopping while you are on your honeymoon! Buying Dresses for Honeymoon Trip is something you should never keep out of your mind.

Buying honeymoon dresses in India is not quite tough and expensive. Plus you will have everything packed & ready when you reach your honeymoon destination. All you need is the way you make it fun filled and exotic.

Buying Honeymoon Dresses in India

While vacationing on an island certainly requires sexiest beach attire, after beach evening gowns and minimal coverage nightwear would surely do the trick. Besides your regular babydoll dresses and gowns, its time to add some grey in your fifty shades and make your honeymoon nights more exciting, surprising and exotic.

For years it was challenging to find and buy honeymoon nightwear in India. Back in time soon after you started searching you had very little options to choose from and those were overpriced, so called IMPORTED which doesn’t fit you or any Indian body at all. Big deal huh!

Mpitude has tons of honeymoon dresses to choose from and moreover we have customized each and every style keeping Indian market in mind. Not only we manufacture everything in India but also keep a very rigid quality inspection, comfort, durability and sizing.

What to buy for a honeymoon trip?

Confused about buying for a honeymoon trip in India? Purchasing what you need before your honeymoon trip is not a rocket science and outside reach. All you need is some research and decide whats going to look best on you.

  1. Bikinis: First to be in the list. Bikinis are essential specially when you have planned a beach honeymoon, an island trip or even a private honeymoon villa in Bali. Comes on variety of designs, styles, fabrics and occasions. Bikinis are no longer a swim wear only, it has become a style statement as well. This Top Selling Bikini in India  is not only best for a swim or relaxed moment at poolside but is also your secret style. Surprise your partner with this Golden Bikini or a Faux Leather Bikini teamed up with high heels to show your dirty kinky style and watch him go crazy for you.
Need a small coverage in a private pool to make your partner jump for you? Go for a Micro Bikini he must have never seen before. Mpitude has wide range of Bikini Styles in India which is not only stylish but also styled and sized as per Indian market.
Metallic Wet Look Liquid Bikinis are not only comfortable but also gives a shiny look. These are 100% made from 4 Way Stretch Lycra which completely covers your body and gives a skimpy look. You can definitely woo your partner when you show up at the poolside or an a beach wearing this.
          2. Slingshot Bikini  : Sounds weird right? According to the Wikipedia, “The sling bikini is also known as a “suspender bikini”, “suspender thong”, “slingshot bikini” or just “slingshot”. It is a one-piece suit which provides as little, or even less, coverage (or as much exposure) as a bikini.”

Is it real? Is it available in India? Answer is Yes. Mpitude has a wide range of sexiest slingshot bikinis in India available in variety of materials and styles. So what is it for? Slingshot Bikinis are very micro with almost small to none coverage. Girls love them because they just cover the front, and have a g string in the back. Available in Faux Leather, Wet Look, Shiny Golden and many more styles, these teeny weeny slingshot bikinis is certainly going to make your partner greedy.

        3. Transparent Mini Dresses: Planning a private dinner with your partner in your private villa or hotel room? Go for these transparent honeymoon dresses in India which are easily available in your size, comes with a unique style and not to mention – its not overpriced even! Flaunt your shape with this sexy piece of mini dress.
(Due to the over exposing image, seller decided to hide those areas using Photoshop)
        4. Micro Mini Skirt: Still thinking about buying another babydoll dress? Try one of these Micro Mini Skirts in India. These should be packed as well if you want to tease your partner with your dirty styles. Does your partner fantasize about role play costumes and watch those kinky movies and expect you to become the same for one night? Time to make it a reality! Buy this Pleated Wrap Style Scottish Micro Mini Skirt in India and team up with a white blouse with a bra and your favorite black stockings. Not to mention, a pair of sexy high heels is must. Who says you cannot make yourself a movie ???? Need more trendy and rough? Choose from variety of Faux Leather and Metallic Mini Skirts in India from Mpitude.

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5 October, 2018
Ta-Ta Towel in India- Ultimate Way to Stop Boob Sweat

Are you the one who hates boob sweat when you’re getting ready for a night out or party and wondering how to stop boob sweat?

Just got out of shower and going for your makeup and your breasts are forming a pool of sweats?

Here’s what you need? An ultimate solution to keep breast sweat free after shower, during the makeup or breastfeeding.

Towel Bra can keep your breasts dry and It’s practically great for pregnant or breastfeeding moms too, can absorb any breast milk that might leak out.

High elasticity adjustable string with stopper, can be arbitrarily stretched length. The towel can be adjusted at back, up to fit you want size. Push the stopper and pull up the elastic string to adjust to your size. There are NO wires, no pins, no zippers, no metal, just PURE COMFORT!

Whether you are out of the shower, going for a long makeup and worrying about breasts sweat, or in the gym or outdoors, our bra towel will provide you with comfortable and safe protection, to avoid chest sweating discomfort.

This ultra-soft Bra Towel is made from very soft Velvet on top and Cotton terry inside making it super comfy to female breasts and for high water/sweat absorption

Whether you are out of the shower, going for a long makeup and worrying about breasts sweat, or in the gym or outdoors, our bra towel will provide you with comfortable and safe protection, to avoid chest sweating discomfort

Perfect Round Shaped Supportive wire free towel for your breasts, providing you with ultimate comfort and keep your breasts dry during your makeup time

Easy to use and clean, can be washed with warm water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly and once dried, it will be work again

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7 September, 2018
Buying Adult Sex Costumes in India

Buying Adult Sex Costumes in India – Where to buy Adult Sex Costumes?

Are you a seven till midnight girl? When was the last time you had an exotic fun-filled experience with your partner? Are you still living in the ’60s with a quickie? Worrying about where to buy Adult Sex Costumes in India? Time to change and you know it why!

Buying Adult Sex Costumes in India

Why going ordinary way when you can be a flirty schoolgirl that can tease your partner in the most seductive way possible. Have you heard about Slingshot Bikinis? Do you know that is not meant to be alone a swimwear? It’s time to explore and start creating a corner of your wardrobe with exotic adult sexy costumes and role play costumes.

Challenges of buying Sex Costumes in India

Here comes the challenge! Adult costumes in India are overpriced, hard to find, not one of them are Made in India.. (yes that’s true!) What about secrecy? Will it ever fit on my body? What about the quality?


Well stop right there, Mpitude comes to the rescue with all your queries and answers. We have got a range of fun-filled adult sex costumes in India which are practical, 100% Made In India keeping an Indian figure in mind. Forget about paying a hefty amount for these, our prices are so low that no one can beat us in terms of quality and pricing.

Our range of intimate sex costumes in India is inspired by sexiest sexy costumes ideas playful enough to convert your fantasies into a reality. Buying a sexy costume in India is no longer out of your reach. Most of our sex costume styles are affordable and has the best quality.

Are you serious!

Yes, we heard you! Mpitude have been manufacturing and selling sex costumes in India, Bikinis, Slingshot Bikinis and Role Play Costumes in India for quite a long time now. We have done researches, modifications keeping Indian figure in mind. We carefully choose the style, material for optimum comfort and make sure you go rough at times and our sex garments stay perfect and don’t get ripped

Online sex dresses shopping in India has never been this exciting or easy. You can choose from a variety of styles and almost mix & match everything the way you always fantasize about. Order secretly from our wide range of affordable sex costumes online and start filling your love life with pleasure, fun and make it exotic and an experience you both can never forget.

Buy Adult Nightwear, Sexy Nightwear in India. Visit our Amazon Store for a complete range of sex nightwear styles in India and shop online. 100% secrecy is maintained. No one will ever know what you have ordered.

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22 August, 2018
Micro Mini Skirt Designs in India

Micro Mini Skirts are something to have must in your wardrobe this season. Specially when you are planning to flirt and flaunt your shape. You all have been thinking about that special night where you would dress up in the best fantasy costumes and push the boundaries with your partner.

It’s time to bring the naughtiness you’ve always fantasized about and be the sexiest girl your partner have dreamed about. The key to bring back the pleasure again is in your wardrobe. You just need to pickup the best roleplay theme and start shopping.

Pleated Micro Mini Skirt perfect for fantasy dress up, dancewear or if you are off to the beach.
Side Velcro design, convenient to wear and flexible on size difference
This ultrashort skirt is stylish and sexy, hot and attractive and simple wrap on style
Classic plaid check super Micro mini skirt with pleated design
Best cos-play costume, show as school girl
Micro Mini skirt is great over your white blouse, wear with with any tie knot shirt/blouse for that killing look.

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