Hair Removal Cream: An Alternative to the Aftereffects of Waxing Treatments

Hair is a great appearance attribute on certain areas of the body, but not so appealing in others. Individuals desiring fewer follicles on the legs, underarms, bikini line, or back have many items to choose from. Every choice has its advantages with certain methods offering decreased pain or lengthened periods before the occurrence of regrowth. An individual desiring to eliminate follicles has these basic options to choose from:

  • Shaving
  • Tweezing
  • Waxing
  • Laser Methods
  • Depilatories

Shaving and hair removal creams are the least painful method for eliminating undesirable follicles. Tweezing is an applicable face method; however, it has been largely replaced with waxing due to the added convenience. Laser approaches offer a permanent choice at an extensive cost. An individual must weigh various factors before choosing a product. While waxing is a proven technique, it is not always the best approach to people with sensitive skin. Home waxing strips with certain qualities or depilatories can offer a less painful experience that is more rewarding.

Avoiding the Irritation Caused by Home Waxing Strips

The creams available to consumers today are far different than what was originally offered. It is important to know how they affect specific skin types. Home waxing strips have the same concerns as an individual attempts to find the best method of removal. They must consist of materials designed to prevent irritation and alternatives such as depilatories or peel off waxes offer increased comfort in these situations. Depilatories are marketed as a simple solution that can be applied and then wiped or rinsed off. They are easy to use and capable of eliminating follicles in one fell swoop, but they do generate a large mess.

Creams are designed to create a specific reaction with hair in an applied area. Various products contain alkaline chemicals such as sodium thioglycolate and strontium sulfide. Once applied, these products diminish the chemical bond of protein structures called keratins that keep follicles intact. Hair begins to detach as keratins are dissolved and can be wiped off after a set amount of time. The chemicals used in these items cause an unpleasant smell. Manufacturers include additional items in their products to mask this smell. Fragrances, dissolving chemicals, and other add-ins have the ability to cause irritation, making it important to know what is in hair removal creams before deciding to purchase them for application.

It is best to choose a formula designed to meet the needs of individuals with sensitive skin. These products offer benefits over the irritation caused by shaving or home waxing strips while providing a simple technique. They are also an affordable option over costly professional wax treatments. Depilatories provide the additional benefit of exfoliation, which occurs as the substance is being wiped off. These products do not remove follicles at the root as waxing does; however, they do penetrate under the skin and this increases the length of time before another application is needed. An individual should take some time to determine their skin type, the chemicals incorporated in the product, and the potential side effects when this option seems like the most fitting choice. This research will help ensure smooth results with a minimum of irritation, and ensure a safe hair removal cream is chosen.

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