Best Resort in Jim Corbett? Aahana Resort – Where Luxury meets Responsibility

Let me take you to Jim corbett National park. A vista of landscapes and home to a wide range of wildlife. Spread in 1300 sq. feet, Jim Corbett is India’s first National Park!

It goes back to 1936 when it was established as Hailey national park. It was an endeavor to save Bengal tigers, a species which was dwindling in numbers. In 1955, it was renamed to Jim Corbett National Park. It was named after the British hunter, Jim Corbett, who had hunted many man eater tigers who used to torment the villages in and around the national park.

Well, that’s enough history. What fascinated me about Jim Corbett National Park is the proximity to the mountains and the sheer abundance of nature’s beauty. The jungle is filled to the brim with untouched nature. When this untouched nature gets perturbed by anxious calls by deer & peacocks, you know the magnificent beast is around the corner. You feel adrenaline gushing through your body.

But more about Jim Corbett in a separate article. I will cease my glory songs for the forest here and talk about Aahana Resort; Where Luxury meets responsibility.


There are 6 major zones in Jim Corbett National Park. I will be sharing more about these zones later, but one of them is Bijrani zone. Bijrani is a zone resplendent with a thick blanket of forest and amidst these jungles are shining eyes of a myriad of wildlife. Sharing it’s border with Bijrani Zone stands Aahana resort, in all it’s glory.

Our room’s balcony faced the Bijrani part of the forest. One fine evening, I witnessed a couple of peacocks swooping through the forest. The mere possibility of sighting something so beautiful from your hotel room’s balcony left me impressed!

(The view from our room balcony. What you can see it the Bijrani Zone of Jim Corbett National Park. People have actually spotted leopards from here.)

But let’s move out of my room. Even after looking away from the Bijrani forest and venturing out of the room, into the Aahana resort’s property, doesn’t feel like stepping away from the beautiful nature. The tree plantations within the Aahana Resort are also equally beautiful if not more. In fact, the tree plantations within Aahana Resort are a notch higher in terms of diversity.


Because of the sheer variety of trees here and the history of converting a barren land into a diverse hub of plantation.

It takes true passion and perseverance to convert a barren land into a cauldron of natural diversity. The trees at Aahana have been cultivated with love and care. A barren land has been converted to home of a thriving ecosystem of plants & trees. Trees ranging from Sal to Sindur, Chandan to Mahuwa, Balam Kheera to Water Apple and more. A myriad collection of Trees stand with pride at Aahana resort. One of the plants is planted by people’s favorite, Irrfan Khan. The versatile actor may have transcended to another world, but this plant lives on as his legacy.

(The Sindur tree in Aahana Resort. Weddings have been organized here where this Sindur has been utilized to seal the deal)


(The beautiful water apple tree looks beautiful while soaking in the sun)


(The Kachnar tree in Aahana Resort tree is planted by Irrfan Khan)

What happens when you take care of flora? Fauna follows!

I have been a birding enthusiast for a while. There’s always a walk around resorts which is great for birding walks. But in Aahana, many interesting bird species just sit perched atop the reception building! Or even on your Balcony. We observed quite a few birds while at Aahana Resort. The resort claims to be home to more than 100 species of various birds.

My friends know me to come up with made up names for birds. If I see a bird with a tinge of orange on it’s beak, I will call it orange beaked egret. Well, none of my friends have ever been able to confidently say if my statement is an honest truth or a brazen lie.  Obviously, over years, they have gotten better when I am bluffing about a bird’s name.

But jokes apart, I was in awe of the birds we spotted within Aahana Resort. We spotted Oriental Pied Hornbill, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Red Vented Bulbul, Roofus Treepie and more. The Oriental Pied Hornbill was the highlight of this birding walk. It is known as Tiger of birds due to the looks. The best part, we saw a bunch of Oriental Pied Hornbill just on top of the reception area of Aahana. That speaks volume of how homely do the birds feel at Aahana.

(The magnificent Oriental Pied Hornbill)

Often used as a misnomer, the word eco-friendly applies to Aahana resort in a true sense. There are many resorts in India who claim the badge of being an eco friendly resort. But there are many points why Aahana may truly be an eco friendly resort.

Devil lies in the details. Well in this case, it’s not the devil but something beautiful. Despite a lot of concrete being used in building the resort, folks at Aahana resort have ensured that the water seeps into the ground. There are natural pathways created so snakes or scorpions pass through easily. The trees chosen in the resort also blend in well with the area’s natural flora. There are interesting solutions to certain problems, such as a special type of plant repels mosquitos in a natural way. A pathway and small water stream cuts through the resort. At night, this patch along the water stream becomes easily accessible to the local folks & animals looking to pass along the water stream. This setup is an epitome of how luxury, nature & local ways of life can co-exist in a beautiful way.

(The right pic above shows the pathway & water stream that continues to remain public. Resort guests are advised to use the pathway above the net)

Along with these intricate details, there are larger projects as well. Projects such as Organic farming and Natural Sewage plant are also built and maintained in the resort. The collaborations with local farmers ensure best quality in vegetables & fruits, devoid of pesticides.

Well, obviously there is the experience of Safari in Jim Corbett. The staff at Aahana is knowledgeable and will guide you well. They will also help you get a good driver who will take you for Safari. Trust me, a good driver is very important if you are serious about spotting a Tiger. But more about that in a different blog.

In addition to Jungle Safari, you can indulge in a mountain drive which lets you gaze at snow clad mountains of the Shivalik range. They can also arrange a riverside picnic and you can find solace in nature. Within the resort, you can enjoy a buggy ride or nature walks. If you are traveling with kids, their kids area will surely keep the little ones occupied. One can enjoy indoor sports as well such as carrom, chess, pool and much more. In summer time, dipping in their swimming pool would be refreshing!

(The swimming pool looked very refreshing. But as we visited during winter, we weren’t able to enjoy it)

Apart from this, bird watching is a worthwhile experience at the resort itself. They also have a Neurotherapy setup and it can truly rejuvenate you.

The food at Aahana is quite delectable & scrumptious. Ask for a Kumaoni Thali and they would serve it with a smile. The non-veg delicacies left a lavish taste in my palate. You can either have food in their cozy restaurant or enjoy a pool side view while savoring freshly baked desserts. The high tea & snacks around evening are refreshing and will help you unwind after a full day of safari.

(The delectable Kumaoni Thali served at Aahana Resort)

Aahana resort is certainly one of the best resorts I have stayed in recent times. It is an apt amalgamation of luxury and eco-friendly set up. The forest zones are close and the resort shares the boundary with Bijrani zone of Jim Corbett National park. The resort is built keeping nature in mind and you are not leaving behind any negative impact on the eco system. Aahana resort has delectable food and is ideal for either couples, families or group of friends. It can also be a great destination for a corporate retreat as it has many activities to engage in.

I wanted to visit Jim Corbett for a while now and I’m glad I was able to finally experience the lush green jungles and cherish the safari rides. Spotting tiger was certainly a great experience and I was just so overwhelmed upon seeing the magnificent beast. The trip to Jim Corbett really reminded me of how much I love nature in its rawness. Aahana Resort facilitated this experience in a flawless fashion.



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