Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum : Ginseng + Retinal

When it comes to Korean Skincare, I’ll chose Hanbang brands over the gimmicky products any day. And one of my go to brands for hanbang products is Beauty Of Joseon.

What is Hanbang And Why You Need It In Your Skincare:

Hanbang is traditional Korean Medicine. Much like Ayurveda from India, it includes the extensive use of herbal remedies. Hanbang consists of ingredients like mushroom, ginseng, licorice, green tea, mugwort etc. These traditional medicines have been used in Korea, Japan and China since thousands of years and are being used till date.

Beauty Of Joseon:

Inspired by the beauty secrets from Joseon Dynasty, Beauty Of Joseon brings the best of Hanbang Skincare. I’m a huge fan of the Joseon Dynasty Cream  and now with the launch of their Revive Eye Cream at beauty Barn, I have a new Holy Grail in my stash.

Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum: Retinal+ Ginseng:

Best Eye Serum I’ve often talked about my struggles with my genetic sunken eye. My eyes are hollow, dark and puffy. And my insomnia doesn’t really help. Honestly, no cosmetic product really works on my undereye issues. The only eye product that somewhat made any difference was the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream. It reduced the darkness around my eyes, but barely did anything to my undereye bags.

So recently, Beautybarn sent me a PR package, and among many other products was this God sent eye serum. I have been meaning to introduce retinol or retinal to my eye area for awhile and Beautybarn granted the wish for me. I honestly was so excited to try this out as both the hero ingredients falls in my list of favourite ingredients.


Ginseng has been used in hanbang medicine for centuries. If you happen to follow Korean Influencers on social media, you have probably spotted ginseng sticks in their posts or stories. Ginseng is known for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and age spots. With 10% Ginseng Root Extract, Beauty Of Joseon has created a perfect base for their Revive Eye Serum.

Retinal: When it comes to combat aging signs, nothing can beat the good old Vitamin A. In skincare, retinol is gold standard. But it can also come with the side effects like dryness, irritation and purging if you are not careful enough. So Beauty Of Joseon played it safe with Retinal. A Vitamin A derivative which is better tolerated by the skin. They used a “retinal liposome” that was stabilized in smaller elements.

Apart from these hero ingredient this eye serum also contains ceramide, niacinamide, macadamia seed oil to make it even more effective and barrier safe.

My Experience With Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum:

Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye SerumThe first thing I noticed about the eye serum is the texture. I’m not fond of eye products that are runny. But the Beauty Of Joseon Eye Serum has the perfect texture that doesn’t feel too runny or too greasy. It’s lightweight yet thick enough and absorbs wonderfully with gentle patting. The pump dispenses the right amount of the serum.

It took me about a week after I started using the Beauty Of Joseon Eye Serum to notice visible difference. My entire eye hemisphere started looking a lot better. My sunken eyes started developing some collagen and the darkness reduced visibly. The bags are there, especially if I’m sleep deprived but overall my eye region has never looked better. With proper sleep my eye region has never looked better.

Final Verdict:

As someone with genetic eyebags, sunken eyes and dark circles, I have tried MANY eye products throughout my life. But so far the Beauty Of Joseon Revive Eye Serum has proven to be the most effective so far. I would highly recommend this Eye Serum to anyone who’s looking for a new addition.

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