5 Top Benefits of Dubai Travel Insurance

The city of Dubai in UAE is located in the Arabian Gulf and is one of the prominent global cities in the world. It is widely admired for its hospitality and tourism. Dubai is truly a confluence of cultures, trade, and leisure tourism. From desert enthusiasts to beach lovers, you can find people of every taste visiting this city of gold. To make the most of your trip to the emirate’s capital, the first thing to secure is the right travel insurance.

Dubai Travel InsuranceIn this article, let’s understand the significance of buying Dubai travel insurance on your journey to the busiest Gulf port.

Why Do You Need Dubai Travel Insurance?

It is important to buy a Dubai travel insurance plan for all foreigners who wish to travel to this city. You must have a valid travel insurance plan to ensure the government of Dubai will grant you a visa for your trip. It is because the government strongly suggests having a valid insurance plan to secure your stay in their country.

It will also help you manage unexpected circumstances during your trip, like sudden illnesses, accidents, medical emergencies, trip interruptions, loss or damage to baggage, flight delays, etc. Therefore, it is safe and advisable to invest in a Dubai travel insurance cover to safeguard yourself and your co-travellers against unprecedented medical and non-medical contingencies that can ruin your trip.

Places to Visit in Dubai

The city of Dubai was once a desert frequented by merchants who took trips through land instead of the sea. But since the discovery of oil and minerals, there hasn’t been any stopping for this country. It is an artificial wonder full of Skyscrapers and architectural wonders.

Dubai is well-known as a business and shopping hub. Many activities in Dubai, like skydiving, desert safari, and beach outings, make your trip unforgettable. Here are some destinations that you should not miss while travelling to Dubai.

  • Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, a phenomenon of 21st-century engineering.
  • Dubai Mall: It is the world’s largest mall which can make your shopping experience unique. There are over 1000 shops to have a marvellous shopping experience.
  • Desert Safari: If you are an adventure enthusiast, you cannot say no to desert safari. You can also enjoy camel riding, sand skiing, and several recreational activities and trips in the desert.
  • Atlantis Hotel: The Atlantis Hotel is the most luxurious hotel globally. Swimming with Dolphins and touching the Sea lions over here give the visitors a never-before experience.

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5 Benefits Of Dubai Travel Insurance

Whether your trip is work-related or just a family vacation, it is essential that you protect your trip from unwanted expenditures. Here are five benefits of the Dubai travel insurance plan, by which you can have a safe and worry-free travel experience.

  1. Cover for Medical Emergency

This insurance plan will secure your trip to Dubai as it provides cover to meet the expenses due to unexpected medical emergencies. In case of an accident or illness, you will get funds for hospitalisation, treatment, medication, ambulance, and other daily allowances.

2. Support during Non-medical Contingencies

A travel insurance plan offers coverage for losing vital travel documents and baggage. You will be paid a lump sum amount in the event of losing your passport or check-in baggage. The insurance will also cover you for the unusual delay in receiving check-in baggage at the airport. Also, in case of theft of your personal belongings, you can receive compensation as per your travel policy terms.

3. Ensuring Convenience

Dubai travel insurance plan gives travellers the support and confidence to handle unforeseen events. During your overseas trip, it will ensure the safety and convenience of the travellers while securing your funds against heavy foreign medical bills.

4. Cover for Flight Delay or Cancellation

The traveller will get reimbursements for unexpected flight delays or cancellations or even interruptions due to specified reasons. This ensures that your trip is secure from end to end.

5. Third-Party Liabilities Payment

The insurance policy will help the policyholder pay for any third-party liabilities. These are useful if you accidentally cause harm to another person or property while travelling or renting vehicles.

Planning Your Trip to Dubai With the Right Travel Insurance

Whether you plan to travel for work or leisure, Dubai travel insurance is a must-have to protect your trip budget against unplanned expenses. A reliable travel insurer, like Care Health Insurance, can promise you the top benefits of travel coverage. The insurer offers ‘Explore- Travel Insurance’ for every destination worldwide.

With affordable plans and several sum-insured options, Explore travel cover ensures optimum coverage against major medical and non-medical expenses. It includes hospitalisation expenditures, compassionate visits, accidental death, daily allowance, and other medical costs. Also, the insurer offers adequate coverage for trip and flight delays, loss of passport or check-in baggage, trip cancellations, and other contingencies. So, plan and secure your trip to Dubai with the reliable travel plans by Care Insurance.

This post has been written in collaboration with Care Insurance. Text and image have been provided by them. Post does not represent the views of IndiTales. 

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